Hi, my name is Ryan Johnson, and welcome to my personal and professional blog, where I record my software engineering design ideas and discuss computer science, information theory, technology, human-computer interaction (HCI), user interface design (UI/UX), philosophy, and related topics. My interests span many areas of science, so you may find an occasional random fun topic as well.

I own and operate the SophisTech computer repair service https://sophis.tech and am a merchant on Amazon.com and Etsy, where I sell 3D printed tools and art, and photography-related equipment.

I am always open to considering jobs for technical creative work, including software development, engineering, web programming, Information Technology (IT) fields, and technical writing.

At my core, I am a problem-solver. I question tradition and challenge the status quo to find the best answers, not just the easy answer. I believe the best way to solve problems is through design, rather than ad-hoc workarounds and single-use solutions. If I were a quote, I would be:

If you hate it, automate it!